Frequently Asked Questions

We do not know in advance when next result will be declared.

Kindly enable notifications above to receive notification as soon as a result is declared.

Contact your college for more information regarding revaluation / copy-view form.
Forms are usually filled for upto 15 days from result declaration date.

We were unable to get your result from RTU using given roll number, name & mother name. Kindly check details entered by you.

If you are able to view your result on RTU website but not here, let us know on our Facebook page.

Here is not one, but a list of reasons:
  • When you view your result on RTU Portal, your result is saved and you can view it later.
  • You don't have to enter your name & mother's name if you already viewed your result before.
  • We display name & mother's name from earlier results to help in filling these details.
  • You can search results by name.

If a result was just declared, we won't have any result in our database and can't show results by name.

Kindly check result by roll number. If you don't know roll number, click here.

You may also check back later. Someone else may view the result you are searching for using roll number at which point it will start displaying when searched by name.

Your old result is only available if you viewed it on RTU Portal when it was declared by RTU.

When you view your result on RTU Portal, it is saved in our database and you can check it later even when it is no longer available on RTU website.

Always view your result once on RTU Portal to be able to check it later.